Something New from Someone Old

I think that Widmer Hefeweizen was the very first craft beer I ever had. At the time I was a webmaster (remember those?) for an ISP (remember those?) and we were at a restaurant for the company Christmas dinner. To me it’s one of the classic Portland craft brews.

Widmer has opened a spartan beer garden across the street from their flagship brewery and I headed down there to try out the new Hefe Twisted Citrus. It’s a very fruity take on their classic American wheat beer.

They were offering flights in the garden so I also tried the Square Mile cider (nice and dry) and the Thrillhaus Helles lager (meh). Rounded out the group of four with some Drifter.

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Drifter Pale Ale

Vancouver Brewfest 2017: A Few Highlights

So… a quick post about the 2017 Vancouver Brewfest, which runs through Saturday August 12th.

I worked a volunteer shift pouring the official festival beer – Heatwave brewed by Trap Door Brewing in collaboration with Great Western Malting. Who knew that a pineapple malt was a thing? But apparently it is. It’s a refreshing summer ale with some hoppiness but not much bitterness (20 IBU, 4.7% ABV). Recommended.

Plus… if you’re going to a beer festival, you have to try new stuff! It’s silly to go to a festival and drink something that you could get in a brewpub year round, or even worse, at the grocery store. Try new beers!

A few positive highlights:

  • Northwest Passage Craft Brewery Lime Kolsch – fantastic. A very refreshing beer with just the right amount of lime that was perfect for the 85 degree weather. Would happily drink over and over during the summer.
  • Heavy Metal Brewing Nuttin Else Matters is a peanut butter brown and wasn’t gimmicky at all. A solid brown, with a ton of peanut butter flavor but you could tell there was a good beer there. Not too heavy and a nice break from the usual summer brew fest styles.
  • Brother Ass’s Sister Claire Peach Blonde was another great summertime brew, with a smoothness with a good amount of peach flavor.

More of my beer ratings from the festival can be found on my Untappd profile.


Vancouver Brewfest 2017: Cheers!

Vancouver Brewfest 2017: Coming This Week

I’m looking forward to the Vancouver Brewfest, coming later this week on August 11-12th.

Vancouver Brewfest

Held at Esther Short Park, the festival is probably my favorite in the area because of the good-sized venue, number of local brewers participating, and there’s always a good variety of other food and vendors on site.

As I look at the list of brewers and beers for this year’s festival, I’m looking forward to trying new brews from favorite brewers such as Trap Door, and also checking out some new-to-me breweries such as Ghostfish and Northwest Passage.

Unfortunately my schedule this year means I’ll probably only head down there one time, but I’m looking forward to making the most of it and having a bunch of great Pacific Northwest beer.

You can either buy tickets in advance or pay at the gate.

Beer and Girl Scout Cookie Pairing

A fun event this evening… Caps N’ Taps hosted a beer and Girl Scout cookie pairing event.

Folks had six beers (good ones!) paired with six Girl Scout cookies. Here were the offerings, in the order I had them:

  • Sunriver Brewing’s S.U.P. Summer Ale paired with Savannah Smiles. Worked well. The lemon cookie brought out the lemon in the golden ale. Excellent.
  • Cascade Brewing’s Strawberry (2014) paired with Trefoils. An excellent fruity sour that went well with the shortbread cookie. Fruit and cake. Boom.
  • Samuel Smith’s Chocolate Stout paired with Do Si Dos. Amazing. Very chocolatey stout went well with the peanut butter cookie. Chocolate and peanut butter. Who knew?
  • Grixen Brewing’s Chocolate Brown paired with Tagalongs. I wasn’t a big fan of this beer… while I saw others noting dark chocolate, my palate could only taste what I would describe as a burnt taste. It was okay with the peanut butter and chocolate cookie, but not a beer I’d order again.
  • Caldera Brewing’s Kihei Snow paired with Samoas. A nice coffee stout complemented the caramel and coconut in the Samoa.
  • Epic Brewing’s Big Bad Baptist (Release #62) paired with Thin Mints. I’m a fan of the beer… big and boozy, overwhelmed the cookie although the mint stood out.

All in all, a great event, and the standing-room-only crowd seemed to be in agreement.