WTF Hockley, or Facebook and Instagram Redux

tl;dr I (re)joined Facebook and Instagram.

I used to be in both places. Then, almost a year ago, I wrote a bit about deciding to leave both social networks. Without rehashing that entire post, I’ll say that it came down to being opposed to the behaviors of the company.

In the past year we’ve seen that Facebook and Instagram have continued being less-than-perfect. Alternatives have sprung up such as Pressgram1. Google has started using personal data for explicit advertising, a la Facebook.

We’ve learned that the NSA is watching everything, regardless of company.

By the numbers, most folks are still on Facebook and Instagram when compared with alternative networks. Popularity isn’t everything, but it is something.

In the past several months I’ve had a few personal and a couple professional opportunities missed due to my non-Facebook and non-Instagram stance.

I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided that while I still disagree with many things about how Facebook / Instagram does business, I suspect that the benefits of having a presence will outweigh potential downsides.

Was I wrong a year ago? Maybe. Am I right now? Maybe. Am I confident in those answers? Maybe.

We’ll see. Let’s be all social networky.

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  1. Which I will continue to use. 

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  1. says


    I ditched facebook a couple of months ago.
    All my family is on it and my friends and my kids and their friends.
    And as much as **I** don’t like their policies – being the lone sane voice in social networking left me out of the loop on too much family news.

    Facebookers don’t read blogs.
    BLoggers read blogs.
    My family is not really into blogging.
    I had to conform to their habits if I wanted to be in the know.

    I owe an update to the blog about why I’m back on Facebook. I guess. Then again, I don’t’ really care enough to update the blog re: Facebook. LOL

    I feel your pain and stand with your confident Maybe.

  2. says

    With Facebook’s new “complete your profile!” business, I considered leaving it myself–but it’s such a huge opportunity for networking, as well as keeping up with personal/family life, I just couldn’t. I’ve just elected not to give Facebook the information it keeps asking me for.

  3. says

    there’s people at the mall, and I hate going there too. unfortunately, I have failed to convince all my family and friends to convert to G+, so I am forced to occasionally brave the pushy kiosk salesmen and popularity competition that is the mall. I mean Facebook.

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