Twas the Day Before WordCamp

Twas the day before WordCamp
And all through the ‘net
The chatter got stronger;
Would it be the best yet?

Affordable tickets mean that more can attend
With your interests in writing, design, or back end.
Those low-priced tickets always seem to make sense
But it means we have sponsors for most of the expense.

WordPress logoThe speakers are ready to drop knowledge and tips.
About half are local and half came on trips.
Some topics are basic: good knowledge for all.
Others are specialized for a more narrow cabal.

We found out on Thursday that Matt would return.
His “town halls” are interesting; it seems too soon when we adjourn.
Will the topics keep folks on the edge of the chair?
And I wonder if someone will ask about his hair…

Portland likes unconference so of course we have that.
Less-formal presentations that more resemble a chat.
We’ll solicit ideas and put them on a wall.
Then narrow the field of ideas big and small.

With a schedule and topics there will be information
In slide decks and demos and lots of oration.
Though our speakers are savvy they’re also quite nice
And will happily talk with you and give you advice.

For as much as we talk about speakers and plans,
Much learning can be had by just talking with fans.
It’s the connections with people that are really the thing
That make this an event that’s worth attending.

The event is the work of many volunteers.
We should pause during the fun and give them some cheers.
Over the past weeks and months, their lives have been affected
As families, businesses, and hobbies were neglected.

Coffee in the morning will get juices flowing
To help brains ingest WordPress things as our knowledge is growing.
And since this is Portland we’ll eat better here.
There will be noshing on barbecue, Whiffies, and beer.

Like similar events there is sure to be swag…
Pint glasses and stickers and some sort of nametag.
You’ll see that W everywhere that you go
And we’ll take extra care not to use the fauxgo.

Thanks to connections that pass through the wall
Those not in attendance will hear of it all.
We’ll be sharing our thoughts, both simple and complex.
You’ll find them by searching wcpdx.

Sunday is Dev Day for those who get into the code.
Talk plugins or themes and hope the bits don’t explode.
A great chance to get going for all those who swore
That this was the year they’d start contributing to core.

We like open source and the freedoms allowed.
Sometimes the answer is built by the crowd.
Whether code, docs, or other help – no contribution is too small
If it results in a WordPress that’s better for all.

When the event comes to an end the words are concise.
We’ll be sent on our way with a bit of advice:
“You’re full of ideas, go implement… don’t wait.
Happy blogging to all! The future looks great!”

I hope to see you tomorrow at WordCamp Portland!

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