The Retina-Savvy Photographer

Looking upward at the top of the 125-foot-tall Astoria Column.The new iPad should start arriving in folks’ hands tomorrow, offering a nice “retina” display with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.

At what resolution are you posting your images to the web?

John Gruber notes:

…most graphics and images on the web are behind the curve, as of today. Text looks great in Safari, but non-retina images look slightly blurry. The iPad display is so good that it shows, like no device before it, just how crummy most images on the web are.

How is your photography going to look on the web? I know that my SmugMug galleries contain high-res images that are resized as appropriate, but I’ll be evaluating my photos elsewhere.

What does this mean for those who are paranoid about image theft to the point where they only post low-resolution imagery to the web?

Are your clients, friends, and fans going to find your photos look great at high-resolution on their new tablets, or will they wonder why things are so small or fuzzy?