WP Photographers: WordPress + Photography

Earlier this week I launched WP Photographers, covering topics around WordPress for photographers.

This is kind of a “duh” thing as I’ve been deep into those two worlds for quite a while, yet it seems there’s not anyone really covering that space in depth. As I floated the idea in both communities over the last few months the reaction was generally enthusiastic… so I built it and here we are.

It’s a start. Much more to come.

If you’re a photographer who uses WordPress, it’s for you. If you’re a WordPresser who uses images and photos on your site, it’s for you.

WordPress for Photographers

Photo Equipment Deals – Announcing PhotoGearDeals.com

Photography is expensive.

And I hate paying list price.

There are deals out there, and I come across them from time to time. I ignore a lot because I’m not always looking for what’s hot right now. A little while back I realized that instead of ignoring these, perhaps I could pass them along. And perhaps this would be a good basis for a new website focused purely on gear, since I’m trying to keep Splat Photo a bit more business/marketing/informationally-focused.

Hence PhotoGearDeals.com where I’m going to highlight current offers on cameras, lenses, software, and other goodies for photographers.

Subscribe over there via RSS, email, Twitter, or just hit the website frequently to see what’s new.

2013 and Personal Photography Projects

A couple weeks ago, I started to review my catalog of 2012 photos to see what the year had meant for me in the photo world. Even before looking into Lightroom I knew what I was going to find.

Oh snap, that darned photographer moved his camera again.

I made very few personal photos in 2012 compared to recent years.

Professionally, this was my busiest year, with various commercial, portrait, and event clients keeping me fairly busy. I enjoyed the range of projects I worked for clients. But personal work, for fun, for enjoyment, for growth and learning? I lagged.

I could run through a variety of excuses but they all boil down to me not prioritizing the time to get out and shoot.

Gotta change that in 2013. Want to help me out? Hold my ass accountable. If I go a while without sharing anything current, ask me what I’m working on.

New year starts today. Let’s go.

Pike Place Market in the evening at Christmastime.

Interesting Links Roundup: November 9th

As I wander the web I find interesting things. I share:

What have you seen lately that’s interesting?

Interesting Links Roundup: September 25th

As I wander the web I find interesting things. I share:

What have you seen lately that’s interesting?

Speaking at NMX 2013

I’m excited to share that I’ve been selected to present at NMX in January in Las Vegas.

NMX (formerly known as BlogWorld & New Media Expo) is the leading conference for those with a professional or personal interest in blogging, podcasting, social media, and other “new” media topics.

I’ll be presenting a session titled “You’re a Better Photographer Than You Realize: Photography Tips for New Media”. Whether it’s with a DSLR, smartphone, or point-and-shoot camera, pretty much everyone doing social media is creating photographs of some sort. In my hourlong session we’ll dive into practical tips on exposure, composition, lighting, and other techniques to make interesting images.

I’ve really enjoyed my past experiences attending and speaking at BlogWorld; I’m looking forward to NMX and I hope to see you there! With the location being at the Rio in Vegas, the NMX folks offer a great program for a low fee when compared with other similar events.

Register Now for NMX 2013 in Las Vegas, Jan 6-8!