Interesting Links Roundup: July 10th

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What the Heck is a Certified Professional Photographer?

I’m a member of the PPA and one of the programs they push is the Certified Professional Photographer program. Skeptical of its value as a business and marketing tool, I decided yesterday to pose the question to my followers on Twitter and Google+.

First, I Storified the results from Twitter:

Do You Know What a "Certified Professional Photographer" is?

Storified by Aaron Hockley · Mon, Jul 09 2012 14:54:02

@ahockley someone who paid some random company some $$ to say he was certifiedSean Wiese
@ahockley nope.Kailey Lampert ⚙
@ahockley That’s somebody that sets their camera to the "M" setting, right?Eric Berto
@ahockley This non-photographer has never heard of a "Certified Professional Photographer." I’ve never hired a photographer, though.Amy Farrell ☕
@ahockley Nope. It’s the kind of statement that, as a web dev, makes me raise my eyebrow, though.Dana O’Rourke
@ahockley Sounds like meaningless marketing speak.Jacob Helwig
@ahockley nope. and neither do our moms.Mortar
@ahockley Sounds like someone who took a two-hour course from Ritz and got a framed 8.5×11.Clifton
@ahockley a liar?J-P Voilleque
@ahockley someone who can take a test but has no real experience? #cynicalHolly
@ahockley somebody who passed an exam that granted that credential — whether necessary or worthwhile would have to do research on ;-)Brenda Clark
@ahockley no :(Grant Landram

And here’s a screenshot from Google+:

Google+ responses about a Certified Professional Photographer

Seems to me that (at least amongst my communities), nobody knows what a Certified Professional Photographer is… and even worse, many of those that don’t know are skeptical or have negative sentiment.

I realize that any sort of certification needs some ramp-up time, but this has been around for a while, and if potential clients don’t have any idea what it means it seems that it would be a stretch as a professional benefit.

Interview on This Week in Photo: Social Media for Photographers

Over the weekend, Episode 261 of This Week in Photo was released, featuring an interview with none other than yours truly. While in San Jose recently, I stat down with TWiP host Frederick Van Johnson and we chatted about social media for photographers before my presentation to the San Jose SmugMug group.

View or download the podcast here.

The Retina-Savvy Photographer

Looking upward at the top of the 125-foot-tall Astoria Column.The new iPad should start arriving in folks’ hands tomorrow, offering a nice “retina” display with a resolution of 2048×1536 pixels.

At what resolution are you posting your images to the web?

John Gruber notes:

…most graphics and images on the web are behind the curve, as of today. Text looks great in Safari, but non-retina images look slightly blurry. The iPad display is so good that it shows, like no device before it, just how crummy most images on the web are.

How is your photography going to look on the web? I know that my SmugMug galleries contain high-res images that are resized as appropriate, but I’ll be evaluating my photos elsewhere.

What does this mean for those who are paranoid about image theft to the point where they only post low-resolution imagery to the web?

Are your clients, friends, and fans going to find your photos look great at high-resolution on their new tablets, or will they wonder why things are so small or fuzzy?

Social Media for Photographers: Salt Lake City

Tweetdeck and TwitterIn about a month (April 12th) I’ll be in Salt Lake City to speak at the Salt Lake City SMUG meetup about social media for photographers. In addition to a quick overview of various tools, I’d like to dive more into strategy and business – how to get value out of social media as a way to get photography in front of a wider audience and how professionals can use social media to reach new clients and make more money with existing clients.

Some random thoughts we might explore:

  • How much time should be spent on social media / social networking?
  • Which social networks pay off? Which can be ignored?
  • Where are your clients?
  • As new social networks appear, when does it make sense to dive in?
  • What’s better for social media? Quantity or quality?
  • How does your blog fit into the social media picture?
  • How do you know if your time with social media is being well spent?

All of these ideas will be explored from the perspective of a photographer – either hobbyist or professional.

If you’re anywhere near Salt Lake City, I’d love to see you there on April 12th. The event is free for all photographers thanks to SmugMug’s sponsorship.

Interesting Links Roundup: February 16th

As I wander the web I find interesting things. I share:

What have you seen lately that’s interesting?