This Will be Big: Google Currents

In a product that’s definitely inspired by Flipboard, Google Currents allows a publisher to easily provide their work in a mobile-friendly view for Android, the iPhone, and iPad. Watch this video (less than two minutes) to learn more:

I’ve published this blog along with my latest photo gallery photos into an edition called Current Hockley. Curious to see how it looks? Grab Google Currents from either the Apple or Android app stores and search for Hockley.

The Story of #pdxtst

As we approach another winter in the usually-mild Pacific Northwest, it’s time to explain #pdxtst.

#pdxtst is a Twitter hashtag that stands for the Portland Twitter! Storm! Team!

Those exclamation points are important, because we’re actually making fun of the overreactions by local mainstream news media. I explain it further in this video recorded in early 2009:

I don’t recall if it was myself or Kelly Guimont (@verso) who first used the hashtag. The part that I love is that now all of the mainstream media folks now use the hashtag for local weather coverage. New media is fun!