If I Were to Start All Over Again with Twitter…

If I were to start all over again with Twitter…

  • I would make sure I had a great bio from day one.
  • I would disable “new follower” notification emails.
  • I would use YoruFukurou as my Twitter client
  • I would start a list for those folks whose updates I really, really want to see
  • I would start a list for each of my top three areas of interest. In my case that would be photography, Portland/Vancouver, and blogging.
  • When I attend an event, I’d start a list for people I met at that event or those who were actively tweeting about the event. During the event, I’d monitor said list closely. After the event, I’d move relevant folks to another list and delete the event list.
  • When “reading” Twitter, I’d pay attention to my lists instead of my general timeline.
  • I probably wouldn’t follow many brands. I’d following interesting people that work for brands, but I wouldn’t follow the brands themselves.
  • I would instantly unfollow anyone who sent me an auto-generated Direct Message.

Some of these measures can start at anytime, but it sure would have been nice to have this insight from the beginning. Of course, Twitter today is very different than Twitter when I joined in February 2007.

What would you do if you were able to completely restart your Twitter experience?

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    There are some obvious and not so obvious good tips above. How I manage my Twitter timelines and lists seems to be ever evolving … the above just added some influence to the next phase.

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    It’s never too late to start over. Check out this post by Chris Brogan: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/unfollow/ where he talks about unfollowing 130,000 people.

    I made the mistake of using auto-followback thinking that I wanted people to be able to DM me. I ended up following more than 6,000 people and it made my general timeline completely useless. It is basically white noise.

    Lists are OK, but not all they are cracked up to be. For example, if somebody on your list replies to somebody you follow, but who isn’t in that same list, you will not see that reply.

    I’m considering pulling a Brogan and unfollowing everybody and starting over. I would really like to be able to just read my general timeline and not have to deal with lists. Although, I like your idea of using lists while at a conference. That’s a brilliant idea.

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    It’s so funny I saw this on, of all things, Twitter today. I am in the process right now of unfollowing everyone and starting over myself. I’m waiting for the software to finish as we speak. (It deletes 1000 accounts an hour so this is going to take awhile. I had over 19,000 people in my follow list. Not smart.)

    Am I losing followers? You bet. About 2,000 already. They must have their accounts set to unfollow people who unfollow them. I don’t think I’d want to follow them anyway. It’s not a popularity contest.

    I’ll follow up with you and let you know how it goes. There’s something freeing in letting go and starting all over again, but this time with real intention. Thanks!


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