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The Story of #pdxtst

As we approach another winter in the usually-mild Pacific Northwest, it’s time to explain #pdxtst.

#pdxtst is a Twitter hashtag that stands for the Portland Twitter! Storm! Team!

Those exclamation points are important, because we’re actually making fun of the overreactions by local mainstream news media. I explain it further in this video recorded in early 2009:

I don’t recall if it was myself or Kelly Guimont (@verso) who first used the hashtag. The part that I love is that now all of the mainstream media folks now use the hashtag for local weather coverage. New media is fun!


  1. Kelly Guimont says:

    I actually supervised Dave Salesky’s first #pdxtst tweet. My finest moment was when during one of these bad weather spells (I don’t recall if it was last year or the year before) the @oregonian account tweeted a reply to someone’s weather report, telling them to add #pdxtst to it.

  2. That is indeed my favorite part as well – social media bubbles up!

  3. Fun! :)

  4. Thank! You! For! This! Valuable! Service!

  5. Awesome. I didn’t know about this until know. Thanks, Aaron!

  6. This is so cool! I was going to ask what #pdxtst stood for and then saw your tweet leading me to this post. How fun that you have shaped the reporting of the entire Portland Media on storms! However, #sylvanwatch might have been good too! (Just joking…)

  7. Very informative, thanks! I couldn’t figure out what the TST part meant!!!

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