Path and Failed Trust

Path LogoI just deleted a blog post draft that probably would’ve been published later today explaining how I was really enjoying Path. I was going to talk about how it’s a logical evolution that tells interesting stories as opposed to the game nature of Foursquare.

Today it was revealed that the Path app uploads a user’s entire address book (including all contact information) to Path’s servers. Users are never notified of this occurring. Path’s CEO jumped into the comments and confirmed this is happening, and that they have future plans for an opt-in.

I’m done with Path. For a company to make such a move without any sort of notice is unacceptable. I have deleted the app and made a request to have my account information deleted.

If you’d like to delete your Path account as well, here’s the how-to article. When contacting them, be sure to let them know why.

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    • Green Lantern says

      Well- I’m an old coach and one of my freshman girl players just emailed me requesting me to join path so I could view some photos she just posted. I don’t think she wants me seeing her pictures or being part of group- and it would be inappropriate for me to even if these are just “fun” pictures and not obscene. Thank you for this post so I was forewarned and let her know that this site did this-she was shocked and VERY thankful I didn’t join her group- that is why this procedure is unacceptable and deceptive.

  1. says

    What astonishing balls they have. They’ll make it opt-in later? There is no later, this company needs to crater now.

    Just sent the email demanding the return of my stolen property and the deletion of my account. This needs to blow up in their faces badly!

  2. Kelly Guimont says

    So what’s your stance on Facebook, who does these kinds of dances with your data and privacy all the time? According to my Facebook account you’re still there. How is this worse? While I agree it’s bad form to not inform anyone, they’re not using that data for anything themselves, it’s just for me. I’m not saying that makes it right, but at least at the moment they aren’t broadcasting to the world, or using that data store to impress investors.

    • says

      Random responses:
      – Facebook informs users when making privacy changes (they’re not always super-obvious about it, but they do)
      – Facebook only has data that I’ve given them. Path was accessing data that wasn’t Path data. I could make a strong argument that, like location data, iOS should prompt for permission before accessing contact data.
      – How do you know that “they’re not using that data for anything themselves”?

      And a more subjective criteria: I get some value out of Facebook. I’d only been on Path for three days and had a small number of connections. It was interesting, but not of great value.

  3. Tom says

    Deleting? You linked to how to deactivate. The data isn’t gone, just hidden. It’s like putting your credit card in a drawer instead of cutting it up. You can always pull it back out.

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