My 2012 Theme: Face to Face

It’s the time of the year when folks are making resolutions, setting goals, or choosing their three words.

Brian Mataish and Nicole Young setup a camera for the photowalk group shotHere’s my plan for 2012: more meetings. Wipe that WTF look off of your face. I’m not talking about slow committees being lulled by bad PowerPoint decks in conference rooms.

I want to convert online acquaintances into “real life” ones. I want to have face to face encounters with folks who I only know via their blogs or photos. I’m talking about more 1:1 coffee shop chats or photowalks. Online relationships are great, but I find that meeting someone, even just once, strengthens that relationship and often causes it to grow exponentially.

If we routinely converse online but haven’t met in real life, don’t be surprised if I contact you and ask to get together over a coffee or a beer. I’d love to chat with you in meetspace.

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    Hey Aaron, so true, nothing really strengthens a online relationship like meeting face-to-face. That’s why I am involved in meet ups, happy to chat over a coffee or beer, and even attend conferences. And I’m so glad we have had the opportunity to meet each other in-person, and rest assured, I’m sure we’ll see each other in 2012!

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    This is a great resolution, and I hope to do more of the same. I’ve made friends via twitter, but those friendships truly solidified after actually meeting face to face.

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      I’m near Portland, OR. Right now the only planned travel for 2012 is a trip to the Photo Pro Expo in Covington, KY in February and I’m tentatively looking at Photoshop World in Vegas in September, but yes, it would be great to meet you as well.

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    Aaron, completely agree. I’m a huge fan of 1:1 meetings and photowalks – frankly, much more so that the big photowalks with lots of folks – because you really don’t get to know anyone. Look forward to meeting you – either when I’m next in Portland or you’re next in the San Francisco Bay area (I’m in Menlo Park)!

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    I need to get better at this too – I always feel energized after I go to events and so forth, but I seem to forget about that benefit when the next one approaches. However, credit to you Aaron: the events you’ve organized/assisted with organizing are typically the events I have attended, so I already considered you orders of magnitude better at it!

    Thanks for the inspiring post – I will see you this year, I am certain. All the best to you.

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