Create a New OmniFocus Task from the Current URL in Google Chrome (via Alfred)

A bit of productivity porn this morning: here’s how to create a new OmniFocus Inbox task from the current page in Google Chrome. I use Alfred as my launcher, this could be adapted for other systems.

  1. Open the Alfred Preferences, go to the Extensions area, and click AppleScript: Alfred AppleScript extension
  2. Give the Extension a name (I called mine OmniURL). I also added the information for the person who authored the AppleScript that will be used. Click Create.Alfred OmniFocus setup
  3. Add a title (I used OmniURL again), optionally add a description, give it a keyword (this is what you’ll type to activate it from Alfred), and be sure the Background box is checked.
  4. In the AppleScript box, copy and paste this AppleScript from github user rfbrazier into the box.Alfred OmniFocus Setup
  5. Click Save and close the Alfred Preferences.

Next time you’re on a web page in Chrome and want to create a related OmniFocus task, just invoke the OmniURL item from Alfred (you could also set a hotkey). A new item will be created in your OmniFocus inbox with the page’s title as the item text and the URL in the notes field.

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