The Wonders of Public Schools, Chapter 27

Daughter’s classroom is writing documents using Google Docs/Spreadsheets/Drive/etc. So when the kids need to work on them at home, does the teacher tell the kids to just sign in from home? No. Instructions were to export to .docx, save to thumb drive, then expect parents to have MS Office at home to edit.


A Portland Bicycle Reality Check

You know how Portland is super-duper white? Arguably the whitest major city in North America?

According to the US Census, Portland is 6.3% black.

According to just-released bicycle data, less than 6% of Portlanders commute by bike.

A random Portlander is more likely to be Black than they are to be a bike commuter.

Can we stop pretending like everyone does business by bicycle please?

Portland Bike Commuters

Portland Boil Water Notice

The city of Portland is currently under a citywide Boil Water Alert due to E.Coli in the water.

Don’t worry Portland, we’re laughing with you.

WordPress Power Blogging Tips – October 29th at the Portland WordPress Meetup

WordPress logoIf you’ve ever been interested in blogging better, or just listening to me perform an organized(ish) brain dump of a lot of WordPress power user blogging tips and tricks, you’ll want to be at the Portland WordPress meetup on October 29th. Daniel invited me to come and share some things with the group.

Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to):

  • idea management / article creation and workflow
  • writing in various places both within and outside of the WordPress interface
  • media tips
  • a few useful plugins
  • my newsletters and how they relate to my blogs
  • social, search, and incoming link strategery
  • things I schedule and automate vs. things I choose to do manually

What else is on your mind? If there’s something else related to content creation, publishing, or sharing that you’d like to hear about, leave a comment and I’ll see if I can help.