Welcome and thanks for checking out my website. Although I find myself scattered amongst the internet, you’ve reached my online home.

I’m a photographer with a tech background; I’m deeply involved in social media and have blogged since 2001. My professional photography focuses on event, commercial, and portrait work. I love capturing the spirit and making people look great at conferences, businesses, parties, and private settings. Find out more at my photography website for Portland/Vancouver event and portrait photography.

I publish Productive.Photography, where I share some of my productivity nerdery with others, often with an angle towards the tasks, processes, and situations encountered by a serious photographer.

Alcatraz Views - Photography BookIn November 2011, I published Alcatraz Views, a look at “The Rock” as captured through my lens.

I enjoy working with photographers and others as they figure out the world of blogging, social media, and various online services. I’m available for consulting or speaking. View some of my past speaking engagements.

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I’ve had a variety of personal projects online in the past and did some time as an author for Metblogs and OurPDX.

I was the founding organizer of WordCamp Portland, a conference for WordPress enthusiasts along with the Portland WordPress user group. Although I’ve passed the organizer role onto others, I’m still involved with the WordPress community. When I’m not organizing events, I love to participate and speak on subjects such as blogging, WordPress, social media, photo licensing, copyright, Creative Commons, and more.